A video of Pakistani wedding couple smoking gone viral on internet

Hmari Shadi Hmari Marzi, This Couple Has Won The Internet

by Ayesha Sohail

A recent video has made its way online, and it’s amazing. Shared on Instagram, the video is perfectly capturing the spirit of true couple goals. The photographer captured the unique wedding moments of the bride in her wedding dress with the groom by her side, puffing on the same cigarette.

The video labels as,

“You can’t count it as a bad habit but the beautiful understanding of two bodies/one souls. It is being implied that this act reflects the deep bond shared by the couple, and the smoking involved should not be considered as something bad.”

Gone are the days when a bride used to sit in a long “Ghoonghat” and try all her best not to smile just because “Haw Hayye Log kaya Kahan gy?” But, today, the trend has changed. Brides do everything. They take the dancing floors on their wedding, do creative photo-shoots, and whatnot.

For Pakistanis, marriage should be within certain boundaries in terms of ethics and morals. So, this video left netizens amazed. They couldn’t get over this unconventional puffing of cigarette, and threw comments under the post. Some appreciated this move as their faith in marriage has restored. Some criticized in a funnier way while some mentioned their own partners and friends whereas mostly were offended and expressed their personal and religious grudges.

It seems like people just don’t miss and in fact, love to have gossips. Why do we always forget to ask our fellows before doing anything? People should realize, Jab Dulha Dulhan Hain Raazi, Tou Kya Kary GA Qaazi?

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