Couple Caught having sex in in hotel window in front of religious festival

Couple Caught Having Sex In Front Of The Religious Festival

by Chabi Taala Desk

Aag Lagi Hai Basti Mein Ham Hain Apni Masti Mein, getting real as 2020 is ending!

A recent video got viral in which a randy couple was fornicating in a hotel window during a religious festival in Taiwan’s Taipei. The couple was too busy romping on the 10th floor of a luxury hotel giving an X-rated view to the hundreds of religious devotees on the Meng Jia Avenue. (Control nahi hua jee bas)

This created public outrage in the devotees gathered for the celebrations to mark the 165th Anniversary of Qingshan Palace and were parading by the Hotel when they spotted the couple playing contact sports.

The explicit scene came after a parade with firecrackers from the nearby temple in Wanhua District. Huh… the firecrackers seemed more like for the spotted couple rather than for the ceremony. Lol! Some people picked up their cell phones to record while the others shouted. They really needed a cheer!. Some said they had made a “4 Legged Beast”… The others said, “This is too much. It does not respect the Gods at all.”

According to local media, Police received several complaints from the Public mentioning the “Live Erotica” on the upper floor of the hotel saying, Yaar, koi tou rok lo…!

Officers are currently investigating the couple’s identity because the act was “harmful to men and women.” The couple’s identity will be investigated and handled by the Law. They also criticized people who recorded the scene as it could “Violate the spreading of Obscenity Laws.” (Fikr nahi kro, sbka katy ga!)

If you are interested in watching video, watch here.

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