Prostitution and begging in pakistan

Prostitution And Begging Are Respectable Jobs-Says LUMS Professor

by Ayesha Sohail

LUMS Professor Nida Kirmani’s recent blunt tweet is making rounds on Pakistani social media. She has been in the middle of controversy for her tweet, in which she emphasized that nothing is disrespectful in begging and prostitution; it is the society that makes these people opt for this profession.  

She continued this thread and talked about the ‘Free choice’ for opting for this profession(Prostitution and Begging). She says there is no such thing as a free choice; these people are stuck with social constraints. She might have known the consequences of her tweet, so she mentioned that her tweet would be trolled, and people would call this as promotion of Prostitution. 

Kirmani had also been criticized many times because of her liberty and glossy Feministic approach. She always makes rounds on social media for some awkward reasons. Today, twitter is flooded with some mixed reactions.

Youth is finding this inspiring to legalize sex work and talks in support of Kirmani by suggesting some pros of legalizing sex work.

Similarly, some people jumped in her support saying that we should respect these people if they are making an honest living. It is our patriarchal society who is to blame for such things. People also talked about begging and Prostitution as two different things, and if every person supports this view, it would not be late when these will become morally severe crimes.  

On the other hand, a large part of the population calls this tweet as a piece of shit and her third-wave feminism as lethal. Kirmani is under arrest of the disliking tweets in which she is called an attention seeker, fame seeker, Librandu, Sasti feminist, and much more.

Moreover, people are dragging it to the next level by involving her daughter and asking if it’s okay to send her daughter to opt for this profession.

According to the Islamic Sexual Jurisprudence, Prostitution, or any act of Adultery, is strictly prohibited and calls for strict punishment. Begging and encouragement to beg are also forbidden in Islam as Islam does not support any action that makes a human lose his honor and dignity. A twitter user gives a reference from Quran as,

Every person has his perspective of seeing things, but it becomes more controversial when expressing your views as a famous public figure. Being a professor and a lecturer, one should be careful about how to address such sensitive issues. All over the world, Prostitution is condemned as a violation of human rights and an assault on a human being’s dignity and honor. It is not only a crime but a curse on a person’s life. Nobody enters this business with their own choice. What would a lady want to give out her body to predators to eat it up for some little money? Maybe, Ms. Kirmani is not legalizing sex work instead of portraying our society’s dark side and shedding light on the responsibilities of being a human being and living in an Islamic republic of Pakistan.

She said she might be of real disgust, and being a teacher, she has a great responsibility to build a nation. Still, the thing is there are always two sides to a picture, and it is on us whether we go for this ‘dignified’ job and encourage those sex workers for their job or try to help those helpless sex-workers out of their lives full of misery and sin.  Think about this. Once!!!

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Arooba Nayab October 6, 2020 - 2:43 pm

You did a very good job by making people think about the other side of the story…but it was her responsibility to explain what she actually want to say…Isn’t it???

Ayesha Sohail October 7, 2020 - 3:44 pm

Yes obviously it was her responsibility beacuse if she has the freedom to speak then general public has the freedom to think as they want!

Javaria October 6, 2020 - 11:25 pm

Great work.

Ayesha Sohail October 7, 2020 - 3:45 pm



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