Gaala biscuit ad And mehwish hayat

PEMRA Banned New Gala Biscuit TVC Featuring Mehwish Hayat

by Mahwish Moiz

Gala Biscuit launched another ridiculous TV commercial, and viewers are not buying it. Gala came up with a colourful and flashy advertisement. In which Mehwish Hayat has been seen dancing like a desi item girl. People claim that the ad looks anything but a biscuit commercial, and the performance of the actress is not appropriate. Instead, it appears vulgar.

Most of the Pakistani viewers are detesting it and demanding PEMRA to ban this advertisement. According to them, it is inappropriate and vulgar on so many grounds. First, it does not define our culture. Even though our media has adopted many Western and Bollywood elements, but still, we are not ready to watch this type of content casually. Secondly, to sell a biscuit, it is hilarious to hire an actress and make her dance.

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We have occasionally seen such advertisements in which well-known screen artists perform on the song, but this seems a little overboard. It is also a reason that audience does not want it between the breaks.

Why Did PEMRA Ban New Gala Biscuit TVC

Minister of PTI Ali Mohammad Khan tweeted opposing the commercial, stating that such content on the media is not acceptable by PM Imran Khan Sahab because it is absurd and anti-Islamic.

Ansar Abbasi, a famous journalist, has also criticized the ad with the word “Mujra.” Plus, he challenged PEMRA to take immediate action against this TVD in his tweet. He also questions reminding that the establishment of Pakistan was on Islam’s name. While such acts are totally against the Islamic teachings.

Not only in Pakistan but the nationals residing in foreign also found it offensive. And they are expressing their thoughts on social media.

Maryam Zahoor, a known Social Media figure and the admin of a Facebook group “Sisterhood of Karachi” posted on her page “Hijabi On the Go” from UAE stating that this commercial is not only badly directed but also there is a misappropriation of culture.

Maryam’s Post

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