Pawri Ho Rahi Hai

From Condom Ads to Police #Pawrihorahihai Marks India’s New Advertisement Trend

by Ayesha Sohail

Have you got enough of the Pawri, folks, or still acting as an outcast? Aren’t you under the magical spell of Dananeer’s 15 seconds video? If no, what world are you living in? While many of Pakistan’s netizens and celebrities can’t stop talking about it and creating their pawri versions, India, too, appeared on the screen, acting like Meesnay Rishtydars, who often defile you everywhere and suddenly show up once you become rich or famous. Lol!

With the musical twist of #pawrihorahihai recreated by Yashraj Mukhate, known for ‘Rasode mein kon tha,’ many Indian brands have also decided to join the bandwagon! They have used this pawri content to connect on a deeper level with audiences and showcase their unique voice and message. From Indian Netflix to Durex, SBI to Domino’s, everyone has joined this Pawri venture. Let’s have a look.

Durex India has promoted safe sex by showing how wearing a condom can cancel the pawri of the sperms. How creative!

Moreover, Netflix India has recreated this golden pawri content from Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal:

Swiggy India has shown us how green peas are having a pawri and enjoying a better social life than us.

Domino’s India also couldn’t resist coming up with their discount offer:

The pawri girl hit India’s Oyo room’s social media:

Zomato had taken it to next level, presenting a perfect valentine’s plan for the singles.

Brands aside, the State Bank of India had joined the pawri venture to showcase their best offers.

Jumping on the bandwagon, the Uttar Pradesh Police’s official Twitter account also had some fun with #Pawrihorahihai to shut down noisy ‘Pawris’ that might be disturbing people.

Whether it’s India or Pakistan, everyone is pawring right now. The overwhelming response to this light-hearted video within Pakistan can be seen in the videos posted by Hassan Ali, Aijaz Aslam, Falak Shabir, Hania Amir, Wasim Akram. While the response across the border on Dananeer’s dig at rich Pakistan’s “borgers” is not only surprising but also given her a massive social lift from 100k to 500k. Issy kehty hain social media ka power without a hefty price tag!

 So, stop looking for the ways to become famous overnight. Just lie on your beds with your Nutella cakes and wait for the day when a single click would prove a golden chance for people like us. That day, we will pawri together! I swear!

Until then, Let’s  Love the Pawri, Live the Pawri, Be the Pawri.

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