Nadia Khan's Husband's Ex-Wife Lubna Farooq Spills The Beans!

Is Nadia Khan’s Brand New Husband A Psychopath? Ex-Wife Lubna Farooq Spills The Beans!

by Ozair Majeed

Morning shows Queen Nadia Khan‘s lately has been busy promoting her wedding. It has been the talk of the town over the last couple of months. It all started when Khan flaunted her wedding ring in one of the pictures from her Morning show. She then finally released the pictures of her Nikkah and Valima ceremony. She also shared some BTS videos from the wedding and honeymoon videos too.  

Nadia Khan with Husband Faisal Mumtaz Rao, Image Source: Nadia’s Instagram

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Nadia Khan recently posted an interview with husband Faisal Mumtaz Rao at her YouTube channel ‘Out Style’ where they spoke about their journey, how they met and fell in love.

And now the big one, this interview didn’t seem to go down well with Rao’s ex-wife Lubna Farooq, who shared her two cents through a video at her YouTube channel. She spoke about her divorce with Rao and made some shocking revelations about him. Read on…

Lubna introduced herself as Rao’s second official wife hinting at unofficial candidates too. She made it clear that she doesn’t seek sympathy and is not a damsel in distress. All she wanted to prove was that Rao isn’t a hero.

She said: 

“I was working at the Prime Minister of Bahrain as an in-house project manager; I was looking after the interior of all their palaces. I met Faisal over there, after three years of my first marriage. He proposed to me at once and introduced me to this mother. I was highly impressed. They told me about Rao’s first wife ‘Shama’ who he left due to her cunning nature. I was at the peak of my career and decided to leave everything and married him.”

Hailing from an army background, Lubna is an architect and completed her Master in Interior Architecture from the National College of Arts, Lahore.

Lubna Farooq, 2nd Wife of Nadia Khan’s New Husband: Image Source: Showbiz Pakistan

She further revealed: 

“The twist in the tale was that I got married to him on the 8th of June 2019 in Pakistan. On the contrary, he gets engaged to Nadia Khan in October 2020; my question to Rao is that how does he manages to find true love so easily. How does he get rids of it so quickly?”

She added: 

“What’s surprising is the fact that he fooled Nadia Khan exactly the way he fooled me. It’s shocking to see that the solo picture they have shown in the out style video was clicked on my reception. Wow, they photoshopped me so cleverly.”

Lubna also shared some audio notes from his first wife Shama disclosing some harsh facts about Rao. 

“I realized that this can’t be a coincidence, I am in the same situation that was once faced by Shama. He had some really weird habits of locking himself into a bathroom, or creating fuss about little things. Moreover when his temper is really bad he starts self-torture. I was scared; adding more to the horror was that he separated rooms with me, and never allowed me to meet my friends or even talk to my family on phone.” 

Lubna further said: 

“In April 2020, he asked me to leave; and said I don’t want to live with you. He said that he won’t be marrying anyone else. I had an intuition that he is having an extra-marital affair. He made an excuse that his first wife is doing black magic on us. He even threatened me that my son would face its consequences. I finally decided to leave; it was difficult as coronavirus was at its peak. I had some conversations on text messages that would help in improving our relationship, but it was the end I guess. He finally divorced me in July 2020 without a valid reason. According to the UAE law, he never paid the compensation that was due at him.”

In a nutshell; Lubna Farooq gave her best wishes to Nadia Khan and hoped she wouldn’t go through all the pain and agony which her ex -wives did. She left the public to decide who the real culprit is. 

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