Mia Khalifa raising her voice for Indian Farmers

Mia Khalifa Speaks Up for Indian Farmers and the Bhakt Twitter is Trashing Her

by Ayesha Sohail

The ongoing “farmer’s protest” on the outskirts of Delhi against the commercialization of farming took a war-like situation in recent days. The tense standoff between the Indian farmers and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led international stars like Rihanna and Greta Thunberg to stand in solidarity with the protestors. No doubt their voices hailed the Indian social media as Modi Bhakts trolled them for their concerns. But do you know these Modi Bhakts loss over the comments when Mia Khalifa took to Twitter?

Mia Khalifa speaks up for Indian Farmers, Image Source: Film Daily

Yes, Former adult film star, Mia Khalifa, voiced her thoughts over the ongoing farmers’ protest, questioning the center’s decision to ban internet services at the protest sites near Delhi borders.

Moreover, she had also called out those who have accused the farmers of being paid actors.

However, her tweets created an outburst of comments on Twitter. People criticized her for being only a p*rn star and not knowing anything about the Indian government and its laws.

Twitterati also posted that the only thing common between Indian farmers and Mia Khalifa is that they only switch positions in front of the camera.

One said that due to internet violations, protestors are in trouble for not watching your videos.

While the other said that it’s a disgraceful tweet, and now he is Dani daniel’s fan.

Despite criticizing, some admired her tweet that has brought this issue into the limelight.

I laughed hard when I saw a tweet of some random person against the Modi Bhakts.

Another supportive tweet for Mia came like this,

The stance of Kangna Ranaut:
Apart from the Twitter trolls, let’s talk about the highest-grossing female-centric actress,
Kangana Ranaut, who always face backlash for her outspoken words against Bollywood stars.
But this time, she took on the International stars, Rihanna, Greta, and Mia, accusing them of
getting paid to speak up about the farmer’s protest.

Kangana also called Rihanna a ‘fool and a dummy’ while portraying the farmers as terrorists. She tried to suppress the protest by labeling the protestors funded by enemies like Pakistan and China.

In addition to Mia, she also called Rihanna a ‘porn singer,’ and elaborated this niche when Ali
Gul Pir asked her to explain this.

People, on one hand, are confused as Rihanna and Mia Khalifa gave a big blow to the Indian government. On the other hand, Kangna, asking everyone to calm down and herself posting comments every second, yet making this propaganda even contradictory. While the thing which is constant here is the fun. We, Pakistanis, are waiting anxiously to see how this meltdown would pass.
So, pass the popcorn and enjoy!

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