Meghan and Harry Memes

Meghan and Harry’s Memes are the best things to happen recently

by Mahnoor Saleem

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, accused the British royal family for being racist and driving her to the verge of mental health issues. Their decision to leave the royal family is a serious debate, but who can stop Pakistanis from making memes out of a serious situation? Let’s see how these memes spread across the world right away. 

Mehran is not a ‘choice’ but a ‘majboori’ for Prince Harry.

Decision of leaving, ‘shahi rakh rakhao, aish o aram’ is bold but ironical.

When Oprah’s reaction seems relatable to a typical parents reaction.

Meme game on with Samina Pirzada, (shadi sy phly kabi muhabbat hui ha)

The Queen pretends to be a thief more than a mother-in-law.

Ignorance is the best policy – Queen rocks, Meghan shocks.

When Harry being a man leaves home – Meghan is a ‘Bazigar’.

Harry and Meghan as Sharukh Khan and Kajol from ‘Dilwale dulhania ly jain gy’.

Queen to Meghan, “Tum chane cooker mein chadha kar mere paas aayi thi, tab rasode mein kaun tha?”

It’s hard to face reality – Queen hiding after she was exposed.

These memes create an amusing effect and make people laugh with every new post. It’s funny how we Pakistanis can relate to royal problems even more than the west. People in the west don’t really understand what it’s like to live in a joint family. Only desis and royals do, does it make us desis royalty or royals are behaving like us desis. What’s your take?

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