Marvi Sarmad's remarks about First Lady

Should These Cheap-Sexist Remarks Made By Marvi Sarmad About First Lady Really Surprise Us?

by Ayesha Sohail

Many people like to be in the limelight of different controversies. One such famous lady is Marvi Sarmad, an outspoken Pakistani Journalist and human right defender. Many of her insensitive tweets sparked new debates because she always made sarcastic comments about anyone, anywhere. She was ridiculed for mentioning Hazrat Isa (AS) in a satirical way, for provoking masculinity, and of course, the Khalil-ur-Rahman incident remained in the highlights for days.

The recent incident shows that Marvi Sarmad has again cut off the nose to spite the face as she had made a ridiculous remark about Pakistan’s First lady. However, many Pakistanis have condemned it of disrespect that it’s not okay to ridicule the first lady to score a political point over Imran Khan

The Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari refused to share the offensive tweet, but she pointed at Sarmad’s lack of integrity.

Marvi Sarmad replied to Shireen Mazari in which she tried to explain her words but failed.

Marvi Sarmad had a chance to apologize and retract her tweet. But as better sense hardly ever prevails where fragile egos are involved, she chose to double down.

For people, it’s a plain vile – directed at Prime Minister Imran Khan and her wife, Bushra Imran. Here are the few tweets which disclosed the anger of the Public:

One Twitter user said that she has to fix her tongue first to talk to others.

Another said that education is essential in our lives, and because of this type of women, educated women cannot support the real essence of Aurat March.

Moreover, One Twitterati ridiculed her by saying she is herself on the top of every man.

While one has also provided proof of the above tweet by posting a video.

People are also relating it to the incident in which the famous Pakistani director Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has been slammed by netizens, politicians, and celebrities for abusing Marvi Sarmad during a live television discussion. People are saying that Khalil-ur-Rahman was right at that time because she deserved this.

Marvi Sarmad has previously worked at rights-based organizations such as Aurat Foundation and UNDP. So, it is ironic that she thought it was appropriate to use sexual innuendos and objectify the First Lady Bushra Maneka for the sake of a few reactions from netizens. In one of her interviews, when she was claimed to provoke masculinity, the interviewer asked, “So you’re saying that the right to offend is also a human right…?”

Marvi replied, “I do. You see, Qamar’s diatribe against me was not the main problem. I didn’t take it personally. He has the right to offend too. What is not right is that these people think they have the right to objectify women.”

So, if people have not the right to objectify women, then why her tweet seems plain vile on Pakistan’s First Lady even if her total score was to make a political point over Imran Khan?

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