Joe Biden Annihilated By A US Air Force Veteran: Video making Rounds on Social Media

by Ayesha Sohail

Joe Biden has a prominent and decisive issue that hasn’t played out yet in the recent US Elections: his role in the launch of the Iraq war. The Iraq war was one of the worst US foreign policy blunders in decades. It fueled the spread of terrorism and destabilized the Middle East and parts of North Africa.

The following video is making rounds on social media in which a US Air force veteran annihilated Biden, accusing him of murdering thousands of people in Iraq. The man lashed back at him by saying, “The blood is on your hands, you are disqualified, sir!”

Now, you might be thinking why this person is accusing Biden of such a disastrous war. The reason is that, in 2002, Mr. Biden, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, had drafted a ‘bipartisan resolution’ that granted Mr. Bush the authority to use military force against Iraq. He delivered a commencement speech at the University of Delaware where he addressed the original decision to go to war:

“Let me tell you what I see with Iraq. We had to go into Iraq, not because Saddam (Hussein) was part of Al Qaeda, or he was an imminent threat to the United States, there was no evidence.  However, the legitimate reason for going into Iraq was, he violated every commitment he made. So, the international community, and we had a right to respond.”

Biden had continued to make the case that going into Iraq was justified. Moreover, he argued that the Bush administration bungled the execution of the war. It was not until 2005–Biden acknowledged that his vote was a mistake:

“The world voted to send inspectors in, and they still went to war. So, from that point on, I was in the position of making the case that it was a big, big mistake.”

Biden might be guilty of his vote now, but the loss cannot be compensated. More than 4,500 US soldiers, and nearly as many US military contractors, lost their lives; tens of thousands become wounded, with hundreds of thousands more suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Estimates of Iraqi deaths run as high as 1 million.

Thus, Biden should explain why he played such a major role in winning the authorization from Congress for President Bush to wage this disastrous war.

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