Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani from drama serial sabaat

Is the new Favorite couple from drama serial ‘Sabaat’ Tying a knot?

by Mahnoor Saleem

Do you really wanna know about a recent hot topic that will tickle the little gossip lover inside you? Stop getting bored and read this article because we have come up with another fascinating rumor of the recent most favorite onscreen couple. Yes, It is none other than Mawra and Ameer Gillani who wins the hearts of many fans after their recent blockbuster drama serial ‘Sabaat’.

Mawra with co-star Ameer Gillani from Drama serial Sabaat

The major concern is what makes viewers fall in love with this cute onscreen couple? drama serial ‘Sabaat’ revolves around an enchanting love story which makes it unique and interesting for viewers. Marwa is acting as Anaya whereas Ameer Gillani is playing the role of Hamza. Are they really an onscreen couple, or in real life, tying a knot? Before the arrival of this superhit drama, Mawra was loved by many people because of her tremendous work in the drama industry but you will see how Ameer Gillani has made his place in the hearts of many crazy viewers of ‘Sabaat’. We acknowledge that the remarkable chemistry of this adorable couple can’t resist people loving them but it will be the icing on the cake if they emerge as real-life couples.

Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani’s still from drama serial Sabaat

What exactly is the reason behind people’s expectation of them emerging as real-life couples? Here is the answer for those who are interested in knowing the reason. People have pointed out from recent interviews and photos that they are now in a relationship and are going to tie a knot soon. In an interview with the show, ‘ Subah sy Agay’ Ameer shared the story of their education journey. They studied together but could not get a chance to make friends with each other until the end of their degree. Through their narratives, the support and affection for each other is clearly visible.

On her birthday, Mawra looked flawless standing in front of her birthday decorations on her birthday. She shared her appreciation for the goodies sent by Mama’s Batter. The interesting thing is that Mama’s Batter is Amir Gillani’s mother’s page. The joy of Mawra listing these goodies was how she got a surprise from Mama’s Batter. Now you think, why is her mother involved in this love story?

Mawra on her recent Instagram post is attending her friend’s wedding with Amir Gillani in Islamabad, which is fuelling the rumor that maybe they are dating together and about to become a real-life couple. Both looked cute together and people are curious to know why they have reappeared after a long break. In her post, we see different fan comments who want them to marry soon.

Throughout her life, Mawra was very careful about selecting her life partner and from the beginning, we saw many rumors that she was dating someone , but they all disappeared after a certain period of time. It can’t be true that every couple who looks nice on screen has to become a real life couple. We can understand a fan’s love for different actors emerging as a couple in different dramas but it is not possible for everyone to tie a knot in real life.

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