PSL6 Anthem reactions

Groove Mera: The New PSL6 Anthem Released And Pakistanis Just Can’t Stop Trolling

by Ayesha Sohail

Cricket without music? The thing that disappoints the cricket lovers, especially when it came to PSL season. Many cricket anthems since the birth of PSL came on the horizon to boost enthusiasm while many were under the umbrella of criticism. Last year, the PSL5 anthem sung by Arif Lohar, Asim Azhar, and Ali Azmat left fans in grief and was criticized heavily. People were expecting something good this year, but it seems the PSL6 anthem has again left people poking fun at the track.

PSL song for the sixth edition “Groove Mera,” composed and produced by former EP man, Xulfi and Adnan Dhool, has been released nationwide. It includes the so-called star-studded team featuring Aima Baig, Naseebo Laal, and the Young Stunners. Moreover, it also features the cricketers, Babar Azam, Wahab Riaz, Shan Masood, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Sarfaraz Ahmed, and Shadab Khan. The video was shot without the violation of Covid SOPs, as we can see artists, cricketers, and the audience in separate settings maintaining a social distance.

A Twitter Hail:

However, Twitter hailed after the release of the new anthem. Hashtags like #GrooveMera and #Pslanthem2021 are trending these days. Here’s how people reacted to this groove.

Naseebo’s presence:

Firstly, the presence of Naseebo’s voice right at the start of the anthem has irritated people a lot. Although it was her first attempt to sing the PSL6 anthem, she is under great criticism. One Twitterati has called the song a “masterpiece” while listening to it with a turned-off volume. Lol!

The other posted that Vey Gujra Vey is better in her voice rather than the anthem,

Lyrics of the song:

The second thing which became the meme material is the lyrics of the song. People are searching for the meaning of Groove, while others are thinking about how these lyrics are related to cricket.

Another Twitterati posted a meme picture of Ertugrul stars trying to understand the lyrics, and I laughed hard,

The Young Stunners:

I didn’t know about the young stunners until I listened to them in this song. People appreciated them for their efforts saying that it should have been sung alone by the young stunners.

While some criticized them for their get-ups.

Another one posted that the young stunners only save songs from being ruined rather than giving hits.

Appreciation for “Tayyar Hain”:

As the last anthem, “Tayyar Hain” was in severe criticism, but after Groove Mera, people felt the need to listen Tyarr hain again.

Ali Zafar Zindabad:

Last year, after criticizing the PSL5 anthem, people called out for their Bhai Ali Zafar to make a new anthem, which he did. Similarly, people are again missing Ali Zafar:

They are saying that Mela loot Liya version 2.0 is only the solution right now as Doobtay ko Tinkay ka Sahara, Haha!

People also made enormous memes on how Ali Zafar would be feeling after listening to so many requests.

However, Some other tweets that cracked me up,

Ulti Horela Hai:

Underground Hoja:

Dhinchak pooja is still better:

This real version just gave me Goosebumps, Hilarious!

Thus, rather than enjoying the PSL6 anthem, people are busy enjoying memes. So, does the song deserves this much criticism? Let us know in the comments.

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