The imposter Frederic Bourdin

The imposter Frederic Bourdin Claims to have Used 500 Identities Throughout His Life

by Mahnoor Saleem

A man named Frederic Bourdin reveals experience about his private life of deceit in a video. He claimed to have five hundred aliases, three of which were actual missing adolescent boys. Changing identities helped him realize that he is now a liberated person and capable of doing whatever he chooses to carry out which turns out to be bliss.

 Overview of Frederic Bourdin impostering journey:

Claiming that Frederic continuously traveled about north to south and various other countries, every time with separate identities. This man ought to shift the location by changing his name and story if trapped in a similar place. At the age of 18, Frederic went to Torino, Italy, contacted the police, and declared himself a tourist, explaining that he found the plight of a 14-year-old boy who looked scared and tortured. As a consequence, he was taken to a dwelling for children were guarded with care and affection because they considered him an Italian. In this way, he was frequently transported to foster homes or to a regular home and traveled around the world in a circle. 

Getting the identity of Nicholas Barclay:

Frederic Bourdin and Nicholas Barclay (The Missing Child)

Recounted from the beginning of this video, Frederic at the age of twenty-three transformed him into a 17-year-old boy. Physical appearance in common was not an initial issue since he was assured that he would normally mimic Nicholas Barclay by gradually enhancing his voice and look. Nicolas disappeared at the age of thirteen and nobody heard a piece of single news about the missing child until 1997 when Frederic called the police claiming to be a tourist and informing them about a child who needed assistance. Police were curious to know his identity but that needed to be hidden. The only information they got was from a US embassy in Spain about a child missing from a certain number for years.

It was a moment of joy for all including the police, sister, Judge, and prosecutor. Nicholas’s sister reached Spain to take Frederic who was pretending to be Nicholas and cannot run away so he dyed his hair and put tattoos that were found on Nicholas’ arm. She has a feeling that this boy isn’t her brother but it was hard to accept and pretend as if he is the real Nicholas. The first fear, he exclaimed, was the arrival of the actual Nicholas and the second is the boy has been killed by someone. Frederic informed the family about his abduction for which they suggested he should contact the FBI, but according to him, that wasn’t suitable because he had nothing to tell.

Within a few days, he took their car and was scolded by the officers, who had taken the boy to jail and incarcerated him for six straight years. To get rid of his misdemeanor he had to contact the FBI agent. For his misdemeanor, the only chance to be forgiven is to contact the FBI which he eventually did. Another story he put in front of the investigator with which she made sure of his welfare and continued to focus on solving the mystery for which the girl called the doctor to closely investigate the situation and this boy turned out to be someone else, but not Nicholas Barclay. Nicolas’s family was informed of the boy’s deception and were told that he was neither their son nor their brother. He got the chance to stay with the family for five months, before a private detective, Charlie Parker, caught him. Frederick said six years of imprisonment was not a big deal since more than 45 years of imprisonment is deserving of his crime. 

His troublesome transformation into Leo Balley:

Leo Balley, A 6-years-old boy who went missing in 1996

He was deported to France where stuck by loneliness Frederic decided to transform himself into Leo Balley. He approached the ‘gendarmerie’ and declared him as Leo Balley, the lost boy from 1996. As mentioned, they initially believed whatever Frederic being a tourist described them but proved to be wrong because Police had recognized him as Frederic Bourdin through DNA test and fingerprint. Several times he went to prison for fooling people and obtaining multiple identities.

Gaining the identity of Ruben Sanchez Espinoza:

Frederic transmuted into Ruben Sanchez Espinoza, various challenging times he had merely adopted the initial name ‘Ruben’ of his friend from Spain. Ruben Sanchez was a man of Frederic’s own creation, he doesn’t indeed exist. By gaining this identity he lied about the death of Rubin’s family in a bombing in Madrid. 

His transformation into Fransisco Fernandez:

Subsequently, Frederic transformed into Francisco Fernandez. This story was about a child who allegedly had a French mother and a Spanish father, admittedly. He pretended to remain merely the only victim of a horrible car crash and irretrievably losing his family there. He on top blatantly lied about his submission to the abusive, intoxicated, and non-existing uncle which inevitably forced him to run away. Unluckily, Frederic was promptly caught when he was recognized by an employee who traditionally worked at the school there and informed her boss as she watched him on TV. 

Desired end of being an impostor:

Frederic Bourdin, Nicknamed “The Chameleon”

When inquired about the unknown reason for his last experience of being an impostor, Firstly, Frederic mentioned he could not abandon the cat that was adopted by him. Secondly, he told about his five children and Frederic’s ultimate bliss by heart is to properly take care of them. The love for his children is unconditional and he genuinely wants these gifted kids to visit several countries as Frederic typically did also to experience rarely about various things.

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