Brazilian Man Marries himself

Main Hun Aur Mery Sath Bhi Main Hun: Brazilian Man Marries Himself

by Ayesha Sohail

Marriages differ from places to places across the globe and sometimes stun us with their absurdity. We have heard about the legalization of gay marriages, proxy marriages, people marrying strange objects and creatures such as a chandelier, pet dog, and duvet. But still, these all are less surprising as they are marrying someone or something, at least. But what if someone marries himself? Wait, what, married to himself? Yes, you have heard correct.

Dr. Diogo Rabelo, 33, from Brazil, got hitched to himself and promised to take care of his better half, which is, of course, him only.

man marries himself
Source: Instagram Post

He married himself in a lavish ceremony after his fiancé, Vitor Beuno, backed out at the very last moment. Both of them were supposed to get married last month, but after a heated argument, Vitor decided to leave Diogo in July 2020.

Men are often labeled as players, but in this case, a woman has played well and left, God knows, for which reason. So, instead of canceling the wedding, Diogo decided to marry himself and celebrated the big day in a lavish ceremony. He had hosted a fancy wedding party on October 17 at a luxury resort in Itacare, in the northeastern state of Bahia. Only about 40 people attended the ceremony amid the coronavirus pandemic

Diogo described it as one of the happiest days of his life as,

“Today is one of the happiest days of my life since I am with the people I love the most in this life, celebrating what could be a tragedy, but I turned it into a comedy. I analyzed the situation for a month and decided that I had to appreciate and love myself.”

A Video of Diogo saying “I do” to himself in a mirror has also gone viral on social media.

Dr. Diogo said he still loves his ex-partner and wrote a passionate letter to his ‘last love’:

“We dreamed of this moment. It was meant to be the big day of our lives. We even played like it was our ‘secret place’, but in the middle of the way, you preferred to stay and let me go alone. Here I am, honoring my word. I still respect you because I want you to be free to go wherever you want.”

Photos shared on Instagram show him celebrating his wedding with close friends and family members.

You can call it self-love, self-obsession, or ridiculous thing ever, but one cannot deny that despite shedding tears for a girl, this man from Brazil sees a positive side and prefer to marry himself. He realized that marriage is not the only way to be happy, to know how much potential he has, and ultimately to realize his dreams.  As he said,

“The message I wanted to send to people with this marriage of mine is not that of a victim. I do not depend on a marriage to be happy. I do want to marry someone else, and I want to have children, but my happiness cannot depend on that.”

So, nothing can be better than a commitment to loving yourself first. We don’t need to marry ourselves selves but what you can do is to admire the message given by this unusual marriage.

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