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Begani Shadi mein Abdullah Deewana: Pakistani Twitter And US Election

by Ayesha Sohail

The US presidential election was on a knife-edge, with Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden neck and neck in crucial swing states. When the polls were closed, the results rolled in, being dubbed as the most “historic” election in the United States’ recent history. With the breathless TV coverage and predictions of political analysts, the world watch glued to the television sets. But for some Pakistanis, the US election is the butt of all election jokes.

As the world awaits results, Twitterati has witnessed some top-notch content over the last few days. Pakistanis, mainly, have been practicing and excelling in the meme game, along with some rib-tickling videos. 

So, here are some best Tweets which has taken the US Elections to a far funnier side.

Vote ko Izzat do!

As polls come to an end in the US, one Twitter user shared a screenshot of Donald Trump tweeting: “Vote ko izzat dou” which is a popular chant of Pakistan’s former ruling party, the PML-N.

Wo Rat Apun 2 bajay tak Piya

As Joe Biden became the new president of America, some random Twitter user tweeted the famous dialogue of Munna Bhai MBBS to show extreme sadness of Trump over Biden’s victory.

Lambi hai Gham ki Sham par Sham hi tou hai!

Another Twitterati posted a line from Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Urdu poetry to show Trump’s grief over losing US Elections.  Thus, the line fits perfectly with the situation and made people laugh. 

Ghabrana Nahi hai

You will never find the original creators of memes if you have not seen this tweet yet. Trump is calling PM Imran Khan for help after losing Elections, while Khan is giving some chill pills to Trump by saying ‘Ghabrana nahi hai!’

Jinnay Mera Vote Lutya

Pakistanis take it very seriously when someone doesn’t say OHO in reply to ‘Jinnay mera dil luteya.’ Similarly, Biden took Trump’s tweet seriously and replied so that he won’t mind!

Josh Nal Pao Bhangra, Saady Naal Pao Bhangra

Biden seems a great fan of the Pakistani band “Josh” because he tweeted his favorite lyrics to show his excelling joy in winning US Elections. Hilarious!

Abu ko Raat ko 2 Dafa Heart Attack Aya!

The following meme made me laugh even more when someone tweeted with the account of Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. The tweet says that Trump is in critical condition after losing US Elections, mimicking one of Renowned Pakistan’s political leaders. 

Another replied to the above,

The Remake

Lastly, I would like to share the BEST video of the week. Full Marks to the creativity of whoever made it because I couldn’t agree more about Pakistanis’ situation right now. Have a look!

Pakistani Twitter is still hailing with Biden and Trump’s funniest memes because they never miss a chance to troll anything either in their own country or outside Pakistan. Hence, Pakistanis are a real example of “Baigani Shadi mein Abdulah Deewana!

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Afridi November 9, 2020 - 5:10 pm

Hahahaha the remake of nach punjaban really cracked me up… 🤣 plus no one can beat Pakistani talent.

Ayesha Sohail November 9, 2020 - 7:23 pm



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